Our focus is to enable global customers with innovative IC Design Solutions, optimization technologies and Embedded Software solutions.
  • Over 70 years of cumulative Management experience
  • Highly qualified technical leads with over 10 years of experience in their areas of expertise
  • Employee friendly policies enabling high degree of employee satisfaction
  • Core team with experience working in large MNCs as well as Service Companies
  • Focus on Design Services in the areas of
    • Design
    • Verification
    • FPGA Implementation and Rapid Prototyping
    • Embedded Software and Systems
    • Silicon Validation
    • Firmware Verification
  • Core Team has done over 10 tape-outs together

Why Cerium?

Cerium has excellent project management skills, open communication, and a flexible co-creation business model.

Flexible Co-creation Model and Cost Optimization:

We work on offshore turnkey projects either in a Fixed Price or Time and Material model. We act as the offshore arm of the client, sharing the project risks and helping the client meet their toughest design schedules at the lowest possible cost by reducing the client's costs of selecting and managing onsite teams, training, monitoring, and enforcement.

Skilled Team:

Project Management Skills: Cerium has a management team with 70 years of combined experience in electronic design services and bring dedicated project management skills to the table. To ensure smooth collaboration with our clients, we use industry standard collaboration tools, provide regular updates to our clients, and communicate regularly.

Engineering Expertise:

Cerium's design team of talented engineers bring domain expertise and skills in the areas of ASIC, System Design, and Embedded Software, helping to design products quickly. Our engineers communicate frequently and openly from the project planning stage to the project deployment stage, to resolve issues and meet project schedules with quality.