FPGA & Emulation

FPGA development is fast being recognised as an important part of today’s electronics design environment.

Modern FPGAs now support complex sub-systems which bring up associated challenges such as durable interfacing with the host equipment and integration of multi-source IP.

With rich experience in Xilinx, Altera and Microsemi FPGAs, Cerium offers comprehensive FPGA development ranging from device selection, hardware design, clock domain partitioning to RTL coding, simulation, timing closure and test.


Our services include

  • New Product development based on FPGA

  • End to end FPGA implementations (Concept to System)

  • SOC Emulation

  • Rapid IP prototyping with FPGAs

  • ASIC Prototyping with FPGAs (Multi-FPGA implementations, Board design)

  • Board design, bring-up and validation

  • Feature addition, Enhancement, Upgradation of existing Designs


  • In-depth exposure to major FPGA families Xilinx, Altera, Lattice

  • FPGA Secure boot

  • High speed timing Closure

  • Performance measurements

  • High Speed interface validation: DDR, LPDDR, QDR, PLL, SerDes

  • SOPC flow:NIOS expertise, ARM, Microblaze and Picoblaze