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Digital technology indicates change for the industry’s economic model.  Innovations in the embedded software technologies are today making the market extremely competitive. Enterprises that operate in the storage and automotive market too have a tough task ahead- to deploy technologies and devices that will push them ahead of competition.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI), is making a massive stride in way scientists, engineers, and programmers develop new products and improve the services. Industries and companies are adopting AI for better results and developing efficient products. AI has begun to carve out a place in the chip design process, in some cases promising a tenfold improvement in productivity. AI’s ability to complement EDA is no longer in question.
AI Chips, are processors for AI-related computing tasks. Machine learning technology places great demands on computing power for training algorithms and running applications, which traditional computing hardware cannot provide. As a result the demand for specialized AI chips is growing rapidly.


5G is rapidly developing and it is becoming the technology that everyone is moving towards. The new 5G mobile communications system will enable many new mobile capabilities to be realised - offering high speed, enormous capacity, IoT capability, low latency and much more it provides the bearer for many new applications. Many countries are rushing to deploy 5G as effective communications enable economic growth and are seen as an essential element of modern day life and industry.


Autonomous Vehicles

The car of the future will be connected. It would not only monitor, in real time, its own working parts and the safety of conditions around it but also, communicate with other vehicles and with an intelligent roadway infrastructure. These features will be must-haves for all cars, which will become like integrators of multiple technologies, productive data centers—and, ultimately, components of a larger mobility network. Electronic innovations have accounted for the overwhelming majority of advances in modern vehicles.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Over the years, the demand for ESDM has increased exponentially thanks to increases in complexity and evolving markets, such as the Internet of Things (IOT) space. Electronics design, functionality, and component sizes have evolved rapidly. These innovations will have a direct effect on manufacturing techniques.